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    A weird case with 6120 dual camera phone!

    I am trying to get an captured image by getSnapshot(), but it only works if i give no more parameters like &width=1200&height=1600)
    so if i write :
    player = Manager.createPlayer("capture://video?width=896&height=672") followed later in the source by
    imageData = vc.getSnapshot("encoding=jpeg&quality=100&width=896&height=672"); - it won't work at all... But if i give no params width and height - it wors. I've tried many resolutions - no luck at all - phone continue to claim there is "No Data" ...
    I hate JAVA
    i do REALLY HATE IT!
    any help guys?

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    Re: A weird case with 6120 dual camera phone!

    The video width and height are too high for the phone. Drop them from the createPlayer() or use the ones available

    What is the picture size you get with no width and height parameters?


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