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    Question Authenticated application uninstallation


    I am developing a security application for S60 2nd Edition and S60 3rd Edition using Symbian C++. Since the application is for security purposes, I cannot allow it to be uninstalled by malicious people. Is it possible to prevent unauthorised uninstallation of the application (possibly by requiring the user to input his/her PIN when the user tries to uninstall the application)?

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    Re: Authenticated application uninstallation

    2nd edition:

    RFs iFs;
    CFileMan *aMan = CFileMan::NewL(aFs);


    delete aMan;

    "This will remove the app from the app manager.

    For uninstall:
    You can provide option in your application which inturn call other exe, which will delete all the entries of your installed application from phone.
    or initally don't delete the sis, simply put it else where and for uninstall, from you app again put the sis back.
    And then it appears in app manager again.

    3rd edition, i m not sure, do let me know shall u find a solution..
    Amit Kankani
    Nokia Developer Champion

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