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    How to play .flv file after downloading On N95

    hello everybody...

    when i want to play flv file on my mobile N95 it gaves me file not supported .. while i already install Flashlite 3 last ver. on it .. they said flv file can work with flashlite 3 ... look.. i watch it normally for ex. i can watch youtube on my mobile N95 Normal .. but when i download it on my mobile i can't play it .. always say file not supported..

    is there is anyway to make it play or convert it to another ext. on my mobile ?
    thank you


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    Re: How to play .flv file after downloading On N95

    Have you tried to open the flv file from the Flash Lite 3 developer version?


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    Re: How to play .flv file after downloading On N95


    FLV is a media file so it must be loaded in by a swf file and then played. Its the same as on a desktop computer, you can't just open a flv.

    You need a swf video player that looks for flv files on your phone. I imagine someone will build one soon.

    Would be a great thing to have a generic flv player pre-installed on Nokia's that ship with FL3. You could then search locally and the web for just flv files. Could even associate flv files with it.



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    Re: How to play .flv file after downloading On N95

    There's one which plays FLV downloaded from YouTube.


    It also plays videos directly from YouTube.

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    Re: How to play .flv file after downloading On N95

    Yeah, I just release new version of MobiTubia today. ^^

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    How to play .flv file after downloading On N95

    I tried to open flv on flash lite 3 developer edition , but i couldn't open it .Then i used a software called emtube & it's always shows loading ... Is there any other mobile softwares that can play flv files??.
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