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    Question how to set icon on control pane

    hello all,
    Iwant to set some text on control pane .i have tried some methods like SetCommandL(..)
    of CEikButtonGroupContainer.
    but it successfully set text on button but can't set icon on it.

    Is it possible on s60.here below is my code

    CEikButtonGroupContainer* pCba = Cba();
    if (pCba == NULL)
    pCba->SetCommandL(EMobileDMRCommandBack,_L("exit"),KIconFile,EMbmPlayerDownload_progress, EMbmPlayerDownload_progress_mask);

    here it compiles and runs fine. but only set text not icon.


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    Re: how to set icon on control pane

    try to load Image manualy
    and when you load it successfully
    try to set it as cba icons

    also may be you have wrong icon size, havn't you

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    sashaslonmailer, image loading process is correct.
    but what should be the image size for cba button.


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