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    S60 3rd Edition - IMEI retrival via Flash Lite

    I have put together a small Flash Lite 1.1 movie which is used to gather the device's IMEI number (this is used as a part of an e-commerce site where the IMEI number needs to be collected to provide an unlocked software download).

    The movie itself is strictly a few lines of actionscript which execute the fscommand2("GetDeviceID") function and then sends the returned value via GET to a target URL where a script processes the result. This part works OK. I am however having a few issues that impact the usability of this movie.

    First, when the fscommand2 function is executed, the user is prompted to allow the Flash movie to access the IMEI information. This in itself is not a problem. However the fact that the user must hit the (left) softkey associated with the "Yes" value and cannot use the center navigation button (which causes the function to fail) is of concern. Many users will naturally use this button to confirm their decision and this can provide a bit of a failure point. Does anyone know of a way within Flash Lite to this center button key press to return the same result as the left softkey?

    Second, to open this file, I am using a direct call to the SWF file's location on the server. Our largest use case involves a user browsing the mobile website using the S^) web browser (not the WAP browser). When the link is clicked, the SWF automatically opens in the WAP browser in most phones (on newer phone with support for Flash Lite in Web Browser an browser window is opened). The fact that this opens in the WAP browser is not a problem. We understand that there really isn't anything that can be done about this.

    The problem we are however experiencing occurs when the IMEI retrieval script does not work (for example if the user clicks the wrong key to allow access as noted in the previous problem). We have put in error handling such that if a failure occurs, we provide instruction on the page which handles the SWF files' output that the user must close the WAP browser and can again attempt to retrieve the IMEI by clicking on the link on the original page. The only problem is that when this is attempted on most Nokia phones, the user receives an error the the file is unable to be downloaded. If you close the web browser and try to download the SWF again, it will again work. It seems as if the file is perhaps still in use (even though it had been fully downloaded and the WAP browser window in which it was opened has been closed), thus preventing the download?

    I was just wondering if anyone has run across a similar issue when trying to rerun/download a Flash Lite file that had just recently been run and might have a way to resolve this?

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    Re: S60 3rd Edition - IMEI retrival via Flash Lite

    Hi Mike,

    Regardng your first issue, you can't do that. The swf is paused in Flash Lite users prompts.

    For you second issue, I will need to do some testing. I will try to check it out if I managed some free time.

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