Hi everybody,

I am trying to select an AID from the 6131 NFC using an external reader. I am able to perform the request and anticollision loop according to ISO14443, and then request the ATS, but when I send the select APDU encapsulated in an ISO14443-4 I-Block, I have no answer from the 6131 NFC.

¿Am I missing some point?

The purpose of selecting AID is to wakeup a midlet that would have previously registered this AID in the TransactionListener.

Find below the communication log between the reader and the phone:

//Request + Anticollision loop
+2.930342 -> <26>
+0.022991 <- <0200>
+0.000241 -> <9320>
+0.019663 <- <F07DCAF2B5>
+0.000230 -> <9370F07DCAF2B5>
+0.019789 <- <38>
+0.000664 -> <E051>
+0.019435 <- <0D788084020073C84013009000>
//Select APDU
+0.103535 -> <0A0100A4040007A000000003535000>
(No response from phone...)

I have also tried to send an ATR_REQ as stated in ISO18902 just after the RATS with no answer from the phone.