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    N95 + Location API + V20 Firmware = no-go ?

    Hi all,
    I have an app which uses the JSR-179 location api's to obtain a location.
    But since the last firmware update (V20.0.015) it all stopped working..
    So i made a little app which only uses a locationlistener to get a location... This wont work on the N95 with the aforemntioned firmware, whilst a friend of mine which still has an old firmware (he even doesnt have assisted gps as option) just works as smooth as always...
    So, is anyone having any problems with the new Firmware regarding the Location API's ?

    /edit :
    After some debugging I came to the conclusion that the LocationUpdated method of the locationListener interface is called correctly, only without ever supplying a .isValid() Location object...

    For the Criteria I have been using pretty unstrict rules :

    and for the locationListener registration :
    locProv.setLocationListener(this, -1, -1, -1);

    In the options of the Nokia menu itself i have selected all types of possible location providers : integrated gps, assisted gps, network etc...

    I am also pretty sure its not a malfunctioning gps chipset because it works with the Maps app of Nokia...
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