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    Problem while uploading the zip of the application on Symbiansigned website

    Hey all,
    I have developed an application for Series 60 3rd edition. I have signed the SISX file with publisher id(Verified using Verifysymbiansigned tool).I changed the SISX extension to SIS and then uploaded the zip file containing sis file, readme.txt, .pkg file and user guide on the symbian signed website.
    The file was not uploaded showing the error message of UID. Then i downloaded the UID from the protected range and used it in my application.
    But after using the protected UID, the application is not getting installed on the device.I get the following message on the device,"Unable to install a protected application from an untrusted supplier."
    Please help me out with the signing procedure,its urgent!

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    Re: Problem while uploading the zip of the application on Symbiansigned website

    Sign the application with a devcert (or use open signed online).
    -- Lucian

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