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    I can't believe that E90 is really that expensive

    Back in the day when I own shares of Nokia, I did a major buy on August 20, 2001 for 17.25 and incresed my shareholdings to 31.53. This was even before September 11, 2001. Now my part in Nokia shares make it about a cool 35 shares that makes it easy to cash out on an E90. 1 Grand is what phone that I deserved to have. E90 is like the GOLD TOUCH. Gold is almost 1 Grand. But I'm not going to cash out on and E90. I'll just save on it. I bought Nokia shares in the first place to save and cash out on a Communicator.

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    Re: I can't believe that E90 is really that expensive

    Marketing 101 the value of a product is the price people are willing to pay for it. Apple knows this, so does Nokia. If you feel the price is unreasonable then do not buy that product if people feel it is reasonable they will buy it.


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