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    URGENT: Reading File from memory card problem

    I am trying to read the mp3 file from memory card using FileConnection APIs in J2ME. When i use read() call, it throws "Native error" and "Operation in Progress" Exception. Can someone suggest what the code needs to be as the code is in line?

    FileConnection fc = (FileConnection)Connector.open(file_path, Connector.READ);

    if (!fc.exists()){
    Log.out("File does not exit");
    throw new IOException("File Does not exist");
    InputStream is = fc.openInputStream();

    fileSize = fc.fileSize();
    hs.setHeader(HeaderSet.NAME, media.getNameWithExt());
    hs.setHeader(HeaderSet.TYPE, "audio/mp3");
    hs.setHeader(HeaderSet.LENGTH, new Long(fileSize));
    Operation putOperation = cs.put(hs);
    OutputStream outputStream = putOperation.openOutputStream();

    Log.out("The size of the file is :" + fileSize);

    while(readLength < fileSize){
    if(fileSize-readLength < 1024)
    length = (int)fileSize - readLength;
    length = 1024;
    Log.out("The size of the length is:"+ length);
    in = new byte[(int)length];
    Log.out("array created successfully");

    int bytesRead=0;
    int current=0;
    bytesRead = is.read(in, current, in.length-current-1);

    if (bytesRead > 0)
    current += bytesRead;
    }while (bytesRead > 0);

    outputStream.write(in, 0, current);
    readLength += length;

    catch(Exception e){

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    Re: URGENT: Reading File from memory card problem

    Which device are you talking about?
    Do you have some other applications running on the background and reading the file?
    So you do not get any security exceptions, right?


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