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    Exclamation N81 BUG: Web Services Parser an question marks???


    I encountered a problem with the web services parser on an N81 (V 10.0.053 21-09-07 RM-179 Nokia N81 A3.01). Although the web serber returns an xml file which contains a question mark within a string, that question mark is skipped in my application! This is a very critical issue if it comes to URLs.

    For example:
    This tag is returned as part of the server's xml response (note the question mark:

    My stub object within my Java app returns this (note the missing question mark):

    If you know the URL struture you can maybe add the question mark within the application. If not, the web service is likely to fail.

    Did anybody else notice this behaviour?

    Many Thanks,


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    Re: N81 BUG: Web Services Parser an question marks???

    This has been reported before

    For some reason the known issue was not updated to include the "?" character until I just did it few minutes ago. Sorry for that.


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