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    How to change default font size display using python

    Which of the code shown below able to enlarge the size of the default font?How do I use it?




    #font='annotation' or 'legend' or 'symbol'


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    Re: How to change default font size display using python

    Here is an excerpt from the PyS60 documentation:


    The font of the text. There are two possible ways to set this attribute:

    *Using a supported Unicode font, for example u"Latin12". Trying to set a font which is not
    supported by the device has no effect. A list of supported fonts can be retrieved by using

    Example, setting font:
    t = appuifw.Text()
    t.font = u"albi17b" # sets font to Albi 17 bold
    t.font = u"LatinPlain12" # sets font to Latin Plain 12

    *Using one of the default device fonts that are associated with the following labels (plain
    strings): 'annotation', 'title', 'legend', 'symbol', 'dense', 'normal'

    Example,setting font:
    t.font = "title" # sets font to the one used in titles
    Example, checking the currently set font:
    unicodeFont = t.font
    The attribute value retrieved is always a Unicode string. If the font has been set with a label, for
    example, 'title', the attribute will retrieve the font associated with that label.

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