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    How to receive MMS

    Hi all,
    it is my first program in symbian and I am working in a project which requires monitoring the incoming MMS & checks if it is an audio MMs or not but when i begin to define the class I have errors and I do not know how to treat them ;plz help me
    here the class :
    #ifndef CRECIEVE_H_
    #define CRECIEVE_H_

    #include <e32base.h>
    #include <msvapi.h> // MMsvSessionObserver
    #include <msvids.h>
    #include <msvapi.h>
    #include <msventry.h>
    #include <e32cmn.h>
    #include <mmsconst.h>

    class Crecieve : public CActive, public MMsvSessionObserver
    CMsvSession* iSession;
    CMsvEntry *iMsvEntry;
    TMsvId iNewMessageId;
    virtual ~Crecieve();
    void HandleSessionEventL(TMsvSessionEvent, TAny*, TAny*, TAny*);
    void ProcessMMS();
    static Crecieve* NewL();
    static Crecieve* NewLC();
    void ConstructL();
    virtual void DoCancel();
    : CActive(EPriorityStandard) { CActiveScheduler::Add(this); }
    Crecieve* Crecieve::NewLC()
    Crecieve* me = new (ELeave) Crecieve(); // First phase construction
    me->ConstructL(); // Second phase construction
    return (me);
    Crecieve* Crecieve::NewL()
    Crecieve* me = Crecieve::NewLC();
    return (me);
    void Crecieve::ConstructL()
    // Create CMsvSession asynchronously
    iSession = CMsvSession::OpenAsyncL(*this);
    void Crecieve::HandleSessionEventL(TMsvSessionEvent aEvent, TAny* aArg1, TAny* aArg2, TAny* aArg3)
    switch (aEvent)
    case EMsvEntriesChanged:

    //reading the SMS here into a rich text object , after its entry has been finally created
    if (*(static_cast<TMsvId*>(aArg2)) == KMsvGlobalInBoxIndexEntryId)
    CMsvEntrySelection* entries = static_cast<CMsvEntrySelection*>(aArg1);
    if (iNewMessageId == entries->At(0))
    // Set entry context to the new message
    if(iMsvEntry->Entry().iMtm == KUidMsgTypeMultimedia)


    // do nothing
    void Crecieve::ProcessMMS()

    void Crecieve:oCancel()
    #endif /*CRECIEVE_H_*/

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    Re: How to receive MMS

    What kind of errors do you get?
    Note that the language is C++, thus it is preferable having the declaration in a .h file, and the definition in a separate .cpp file (having the method definitions in the header-file can lead to ambiguity-errors if you #include your header in multiple locations).

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    Re: How to receive MMS

    hi wizard_hu_
    u mean that i must write the definition of the functions of the header file in an cpp file?
    u mean in the CPP file contains the project ( e32main() )?
    am i write?
    also the Errors that i have are:
    Severity and Description Path Resource Location Creation Time Id
    illegal use of abstract class ('CActive:oCancel()') project/inc Crecieve.h line 31 1204990428421 608
    could u till me what's wrong?
    thx in advance

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