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    SyncML: what Server-side software exists?


    I'm developer of Calendaring software that works on PC. I need to make Calendars
    available on Mobile Phones (Nokia, Ericsson) also. So I guess SyncML can help me.
    Client side (Mobile Phone) already has build-in SyncML software to do the job.
    My PC system (database plus application) that can export/import calendars
    in any format (iCalendar/XML). What else I need? I think some kind of SyncML Server
    software to fit the gap between my application and Mobile Phone. Please advide
    what solutions already exist for that (Windows Platform).


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    RE: SyncML: what Server-side software exists?


    Please visit at http://www.syncml.org/ for list of certified server products.

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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