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    Problems withSDK emulator

    I have a problem running the emulator in the carbide IDE.
    When I run the project, the emulator terminates automatically
    before it actually even starts. First time when I ran the project, the emulator worked, but it gave me a message at the startup:
    "application closed kern3-exe"
    And when I closed the emulator, it havn't worked anymore.
    I just keep getting <terminated> project Emulator Debug etc.
    So, could anyone give some advice?
    I have 3rd_FP1 sdk and carbide.c++ v.1.3

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    Re: Problems withSDK emulator

    When the emulator stops there will be a debug dump file epocwind.out in the TEMP directory and you can see what went wrong.

    Basically look into last 10-20 lines to see if anything appears to be not-found or has errors. For example I have huge problems with some audio drivers on one of my computers.

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    Re: Problems withSDK emulator

    i've the same problem. When i run my application, emulator crashs immediately. This is the message of the epocwind.out file:

    PlatSecEnforcement OFF
    PlatSecDiagnostics ON
    PlatSecProcessIsolation ON
    PlatSecEnforceSysBin ON
    PlatSecDisabledCaps NONE
    0.000 Thread 01b11280 created @ 0x1b11280 - Win32 Thread ID 0x898
    0.000 Thread EKern.exe::Supervisor created @ 0x1c034ec - Win32 Thread ID 0xd8
    0.000 Thread EKern.exe::DfcThread0 created @ 0x1c03fa4 - Win32 Thread ID 0x3a4
    0.000 Thread EKern.exe::DfcThread1 created @ 0x1c043c8 - Win32 Thread ID 0x488
    0.000 Thread EKern.exe::TimerThread created @ 0x1c04ca4 - Win32 Thread ID 0xcdc
    0.110 Thread EKern.exe::FlashThread created @ 0x1c06c20 - Win32 Thread ID 0x3dc
    0.115 Thread EKern.exe::MultiMediaCard0 created @ 0x1c07bf4 - Win32 Thread ID 0xfec
    0.120 Thread EKern.exe::NandThread created @ 0x1c0ec9c - Win32 Thread ID 0xc14
    0.120 Thread EFile.exe::Main created @ 0x1c0fb4c - Win32 Thread ID 0xdec
    0.120 Thread EFile.exe::Local-01c171dc created @ 0x1c1749c - Win32 Thread ID 0xc5c
    0.125 Thread EFile.exe::LoaderThread created @ 0x1c1df80 - Win32 Thread ID 0x6d4
    0.125 Thread EFile.exe::StartupThread created @ 0x1c1ea34 - Win32 Thread ID 0xec4
    0.150 Thread E32STRT.EXE::Main created @ 0x1c28d70 - Win32 Thread ID 0xbf0
    0.155 Thread EFile.exe::Local-01c292d8 created @ 0x1c29598 - Win32 Thread ID 0xb80
    0.155 Thread EFile.exe::Local-01c29814 created @ 0x1c29ad4 - Win32 Thread ID 0x9cc
    0.160 Thread EFile.exe::InitCompleteThread created @ 0x1c2b1d4 - Win32 Thread ID 0xea8
    0.180 Thread HALSettings.exe::Main created @ 0x1c2bafc - Win32 Thread ID 0xbc0
    0.180 Thread HALSettings.exe::Main Killed -12
    0.210 Thread domainSrv.exe::Main created @ 0x1c2c35c - Win32 Thread ID 0xa40
    0.230 Thread SysAgt2Svr.exe::Main created @ 0x1c2d2cc - Win32 Thread ID 0x174
    0.255 Thread EWSRV.EXE::Main created @ 0x1c2e4ac - Win32 Thread ID 0xf40
    0.265 Thread EWSRV.EXE::NotifierServer created @ 0x1c2ee70 - Win32 Thread ID 0xf24
    0.290 Thread SimpleEx.exe::Main created @ 0x1c45be4 - Win32 Thread ID 0xb8
    0.320 Thread FeatMgrServer.exe::Main created @ 0x1c305f0 - Win32 Thread ID 0x3bc
    0.360 Thread ecomserver.EXE::Main created @ 0x1c31918 - Win32 Thread ID 0xa50
    1.795 Thread centralrepositorysrv.EXE::Main created @ 0x1c338c4 - Win32 Thread ID 0xd48
    1.830 Thread SimpleEx.exe::SimpleEx Killed -1

    Can help me?Thanks in advance

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    Re: Problems withSDK emulator

    Actually you are lucky: I think SimpleEx is your code, and its thread is created successfully, then shut down with error code -1. Negative numbers are here: http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.php/Error_codes, -1 is quite a common one.
    Since your code can start, you should simply enable Just In Time debugging in the preferences of the emulator, then run your code in the debugger. It will show you where the code fails.

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    Re: Problems withSDK emulator

    See also Running the emulator from Carbide.c++, knowing what happens when you start the emulator it would it will certainly help you find the errors.
    -- Lucian

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