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    Question about CFTPSession

    I only want to retrieve a file.

    I know I have to implement MFtpSessionNotifier interface and I shoud have CFTPSession and MyNotifierFTP instance.

    However, I only want to download a file. Is it necessary to write code in all methods of MFtpSessionNotifier? In my application, there is no option for cancel,store,make directory,etc about FTP. The application start only if the file was completely downloaded.

    I think if I codify MFtpSessionNotifier::Complete(), make a FTP connection and call Retrieve is necessary to do it.

    Is it possible or not?

    Please, give me any suggestions.

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    Re: Question about CFTPSession


    Yes you can update the complete method and other are the pure virtual function so if you don't have need them just leave him with blank definition.

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    Re: Question about CFTPSession

    hi guys!

    I discover my error.

    It is following.

    I try to connect on my FTP Server. So,Immediately, I try to retrieve a file without the application has a connection yet.

    I corrected it this way. Firstly, I connected on server after the connection was completed and then I downloaded a file.

    Any way, Thanks!

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