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    Regarding the WLAN connection

    I am taking reference from the WLanSample example. I am using certain methods like EastablishConnectionL , GetIpAdddress etc for establishing the connection with the available WLan connection in order to get the IP address .Now the problem i am facing is that when i establish the connection for the 1st time the application hangs offcourse it does establises the connection but it hangs the application and i have to exit the application using the red button of the handset and then reopen the application .

    Can anyone tell me why this happens , why the application hangs when i try to establish the Wlan connection for the first time.Is there any solution for this .And the main thing is that same thing is happening in the Application WLanSampleExample from where i am taking the sample code.

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    Re: Regarding the WLAN connection

    which AP is used for establishing the connection?

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