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    Connection trough BlueTooth IAP


    My problem is the following, I've configured my nokia E50 to access the Internet via my computer's internet connection (i use GnuBox on the Nokia to manage the IAP, and mRouter with the MS bluetooth stack on the computer for this).
    When i launch a server on my pc (eg apache on port 80), i can access it with the nokia (with the embedded browser) and it works well (entering the ip of my computer ... i'm on a LAN).
    But when i try to make a simple program with socket to connect this computer on the same port, i can't connect ... i don't know what safari does so particular to get the connection.

    So if someone know more about this case, or have encounter the same issue, please give me some tips ^^


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    Re: Connection trough BlueTooth IAP

    I just find the solution ^^

    It was a problem with capabilities, at the beginning i had forgot to put the networkservices capabilites in the mmp file of my project, and after that it was still not working with a dev certificate (with all the available capabilities), and finally i tried to self sign the application with that procedure :


    And now it works, fantastic

    ps : symbian signing system is very very annoying ...
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