I have signed with success an application but Im in troubles with the next issue Im going to explain; My application uses bluetooth, before adding the certificate ( a verisign one ) the application asked at the beginning if You would to use the communications, you had to put Yes and then the application worked alright; it´s alright but.....after signing the application, the application begins ( the bluetooth is enabled if not there are some checks which don´t let the application begins, and they were too before signing the app ) and tells me Bluetooth is not enabled, when it´s, so...my question is, what can be happening? other question...Ive read about permissions, but I dont know why to use them and I dont understand if the permissions have to be at the manifest file too. Ive read about youve to put the needed permissions to run your app, but Ive put them in the jad and the application does not begin, just say to me there is an authorization problem so I delete them, so the application can be opened but before of the bluetooth it rejects to me and dont let me open in a proper way, so any ideas about it?

thx in advance, kind regards