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Thread: use pdb

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    use pdb


    I used the following file:

    I would like to use pdb in order to debug my application
    on the phone - 3rd ed. FP 1

    There is following to do:

    Send via bluetooth to your phone, the following files:

    * Python-2.2.2/Lib/pdb.py
    * Python-2.2.2/Lib/cmd.py
    * Python-2.2.2/Lib/bdb.py

    # When the phone prompts you, choose to install each of the files as libraries
    But how can I install the three files as libraries?????

    Kind regards

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    Re: use pdb

    Hi freaky_911,

    The default installation folders for the Python libs (.py, .pyc) are C:\\resource, E:\\resource and E:\\python\\lib. The last one has the advantage to be easily accessible via USB or bluetooth.

    Push the files in the respective folders to install them as an extension.

    Best Regards
    Pankaj Nathani

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