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    Question Launching the menu through script?

    Hi all,
    How to launch or simulate the main menu or messaging menu or contacts menu without using the keypress.simulate_key(EKeyUpArrow,EKeyUpArrow).Through dis way i'm able to reach the menu however now i have to search the items in the main menu of the emulator and directly go into that.For example:If i have to go to contacts i should come to the main menu after that i should directly launch the contacts menu without the code keypress.simulate_key(EKeyUpArrow,EKeyUpArrow).Please Can anyone help us n dat.

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    Re: Launching the menu through script?

    You again mention here that you want to launch the Messanging or the contacts from the script.

    I have answered this in your other thread here

    Best Regards
    Pankaj Nathani

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