Hello Forum,

I have been researching the E61i, and it seems like a great phone I'd love to have.

But only one thing worries me, and this is the microSD card memory limit of 2GB. I would prefer it to be 8GB (or more, of course). I currently have a Blackberry 8800, it's not great, but I use 4GB microSD, and it's not enough (with the new OS, I will get the 8GB).

Do you know whether this is just a software (OS) limitation, which will soon be overcome with a new version of the OS, or is it a hardware limitation that cannot be overcome with upgrading the software on this model?

Also, what is the experience when using the full memory capacity - does the phone slow down or take much longer to access the microSD? I had a Samsung once which when using a 1GB would become unbearably slow.

Thank you very much for sharing your experiences!