My midlet application estalishes a GET http connection, and wait for response. If I make a long call (e.g. 3 minutes), my http connection gets stuck. I couldn't use this connection any more, and couldn't use new connection either, for ~ 10 minutes.

Here is the sample code:
HttpConnection inConn_ = (HttpConnection)"", Connector.READ, true);
formatPollHttpGetRqst(inConn_); //This sets some headers
int rc = inConn_.getResponseCode();

To see the problem, steps:
1. Create a http connection as above. It waits at getResponseCode() as expected, because my server doesn't reply immediately
2. I make a 3 minute cell call (note: my midlet uses the same GPRS channel)
3. After the call, I can;'t close my inConn (inConn.close())
4. After the call, if I do the above and create a new http connection, my server can't receive the GET http message for ~10 minutes.

Anyone has any idea? Thanks a lot.