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    Re: Flash Lite Code Camps - Talk to the Guru

    Hi Ravindra, sorry your questions came in after the session, but hopefully you will check back and see these replies.

    Firstly with loading data - does the problem happen the same on multiple handsets? Does it matter if the XML data is changed at all? There are a numbe rof reasons why this is happening ... if you could be more specific about what is happening prior to the data loading, and how the data is formed on the server, that would be helpful.

    Secondly your question on games vs. client/server applications. I guess it's a question too of what are you developing for - for people to use the app or for people to buy the app? I'd have to say that, in my opinion, you would have more chance selling games at the moment than applications, but this is slowly changing now that platforms such as Nokia Download! are available for application developers.
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    Re: Flash Lite Code Camps - Talk to the Guru

    Thank you Dale for your support and those guys who were there for the online session.

    You can continue offline discussion in the thread and may be Dale could reply you in his spare time.


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    Re: Flash Lite Code Camps - Talk to the Guru

    Hi, I am working in mobile games/applications field for the last 4 years.

    When the latest version of Flashlite is announced recently, I heard that it is more concentrating on web content and mobile applications. And now a days, device manufacturers like Nokia are introducing new devices with amazing flash based UI and applications.

    So I would like to know if the future of Flashlite is only on web content/applications or on Flash games.


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