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    Arrow Flash Lite Code Camps - Talk to the Guru

    In case you have not seen it yet, Flash Lite Code Camps are coming to your region.

    In support of those camps, and in particular in support of those community members who can not make it to a camp, we have started inviting technology gurus on line to help. Last month two Navteq Gurus helped with map data issues. This month we have some Widget Gurus scheduled. Next month we will be inviting FL gurus to come online.

    So if you plan to make it to one of the camps, or if you wish you could but just can't, subscribe to this thread for news of who and when we'll have gurus on line.

    And if you have Flash Lite Gurus you always wanted to learn from, post a reply. I'll see what I can swing.

    UPDATE: Talk to Dale Rankine, CEO of Moket, on 22 April 15:00 Brisbane time.
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