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    Hi all
    I new about wap.But i interesting to develop wap with my present website.I have one email engine website names www.k7mail.com.so i would like to develop this site as Wap enabled email engine.So how can i proceed .I downloaded nokia mobile wap tol kit3.1 successfully.and i using tomcat server.So i execute small wml file also.So now i want to start "login" form through this toolkit.So how can i proceed .Please give any idea or some of related example about login page .

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    RE: wap

    There is not a mailto: tag in WML. Are you going to be using XHTML? XHTML has better form support than WML does.
    You can do email in WML, but you'll have to use an input field rather than a text box to input the email message since there is not a text box element in WML.
    Then,you'll have to have a server side script that will handle the input field(s) appropritately and then forward the message on to a mail server.
    If you're dealing with XHTML, there is a mailto tag available as well as text box form support which makes it alot easier.


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