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    Question about express signed

    I didn't find anywhere information about situation where application needs our own server to start up. If there isn't server application doesn't get information which it needs?

    Can we express sign this anyway or should we change this that it start up and there will be main view without any functionality?

    Second question is related how this express signed works. We deliver our .sis and it is signed anyway if our test document is fullfilled correctly. But later they can choose this to be audit and it can be fail signed after our products release date?

    in the complete guide to symbian sign doesn't say are there any documents needed? like how this application should work.

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    Re: Question about express signed

    Good questions!

    For Express Signed, the only party testing the application is your own orgnization. YOU will need to incorporate the Symbian Signed test criteria in your own test procedure. By Express signing you kind of swear with your own blood that you have done all the tests and that the application passes them. The test criteria can be found here: http://developer.symbian.com/wiki/do....pdf?version=1, note in particular the "Check list".

    Now the one exception to this rule is if your applications get selected for the "surprise" test done to verify test criteria compliance. Evidently, your life will be much easier if the application can be tested also in that case so that you will not be "blacklisted" by mistake.

    Just thinking aloud:
    - To pass the test criteria, product end-user documentation is needed in any case (it is the first item on the "Check list"). Someone with no prior knowledge of your product must be able to install and use the product based on documentation included. Failure to include such documentation would be a very basic reason to fail the application.

    - Even if you application depends on some server, it needs to be well behaved even in the case that the server is down. A lot of the test criteria will be passed already when the application nicely tries to contact your server and fails. Just silently failing when there is a connection prob is not really an option..

    - Assuming that the server is not behind firewalls/NAT etc and reachable from the Internet, you could have a special test account or similar that can be used for demoes on one hand (your interest) but also by potential testers.

    - Even if your server is behind firewalls etc, you can make your life simpler again if you include info in signing package about for instance who to contact to set up a test server or similar for testing.

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