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    AppTest Lite tool

    Where to get AppTestLite tool? Isn't it free to all developers?

    Symbian developer network++ gives error:

    "invalid email address
    The email address specified on your profile is not in a domain permitted to access SDN++ content.
    To access SDN++ content, your registered SDN email must be in a permitted domain. You can update your email address on your profile by clicking here.
    If you believe that this is a mistake, please email SDN++ Support."

    if I choose Tools tab.. Should I try some other email addresses or why this valid address is not legal. Can this AppTestLite tool get some other way?

    Some could mail it to me?

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    Re: AppTest Lite tool

    SDN++ is a restricted area of the site, reserved as far as I know for Symbian licensees and partners.

    As for the AppTestLite tool have a look at this: http://developer.symbian.com/forum/t...essageID=69757
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