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    SUDDENLY ... Uncaught exception java/lang/OutOfMemoryError

    Hi i have been using ncf and s40 5th edition sdk for a while developing a bluetooth J2me application

    Suddenly i have been getting this error. The mobile phone code hasnt changed and works fine when uploaded to a phone. But the emulator hates it and throws this exception with no extra info, ive tried to catch it and get the trace butr gives nothing.

    any help?

    how can i increase the emulator memory?

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    Re: SUDDENLY ... Uncaught exception java/lang/OutOfMemoryError

    Ok it seems that its because i am loading some images into variables of type Image which i am using for displaying

    i am using 12 image files, if i comment out a copule i dont get the error. So it because of this.

    so i reduced the size of the files by reducing the resolution to about 2/3 of the original size but doesnt seem to make any difference! should the file size make a difference?


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