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    nokiaui.jar install woes

    I have encountered quite a bit of difficulty trying to
    incorporate a solution to defeating the backlight timeout
    on Series 60 handsets.
    The version of nokiaui.jar I am using came from a downloaded
    Nokia Series 40 sdk.

    Is there a different version of this jar for Series 60?
    Has anyone out there got the actual jar file and willing
    to send me it by email, etc?
    My midlet won't install on Series 60 handsets when I put the
    nokiaui.jar in the lib directory (I'm using Netbeans 6 - and
    previously NB 5.5).


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    Re: nokiaui.jar install woes

    You should not install that JAR on the phones. The Nokia UI API is already on the phone.

    This is likely related


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