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    _level0.focusManager.tabCapture ... ?


    I've got a problem with focus management. I've got a simple Movie with 2 Buttons. While moving focus, I see that focus is moved not only on my 2 Buttons, but on this element too:


    I'm not a Flash expert, have searched a while, but haven't found any useful infos to understand what this refers to...

    ...any hints will be highly appreciated!


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    Re: _level0.focusManager.tabCapture ... ?


    I haven't seen this before but I'm going to assume that tabCapture is a property automatically applied to Buttons. When you change focus on a keyboard you tend to use the tab key.

    This is either the function handler or a property containing the key values.

    Try using trace to dump out the contents of the property.
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    Re: _level0.focusManager.tabCapture ... ?

    Thanks markadoherty,

    I've tried dumping out the _level0.focusManager properties, and here is the result:

    PROP: drawRoundRect : [type Function]
    PROP: embedFonts : undefined
    PROP: textDecoration : undefined
    PROP: fontSize : undefined
    PROP: marginRight : undefined
    PROP: marginLeft : undefined
    PROP: fontStyle : undefined
    PROP: textIndent : undefined
    PROP: fontFamily : undefined
    PROP: fontWeight : undefined
    PROP: textAlign : undefined
    PROP: dispatchQueue : [type Function]
    PROP: dispatchEvent : [type Function]
    PROP: removeEventListener : [type Function]
    PROP: __origAddEventListener : [type Function]
    PROP: addEventListener : [type Function]
    PROP: adjustFocusRect : [type Function]
    PROP: drawFocus : [type Function]
    PROP: onEnterFrame : [type Function]
    PROP: invalidateFlag : true
    PROP: childrenCreated : true
    PROP: lastMouse : [object Object]
    PROP: activated : true
    PROP: form : _level0
    PROP: tabEnabled : false
    PROP: stylecache : [object Object]
    PROP: __height : 28
    PROP: __width : 28
    PROP: instance3 : _level0.focusManager.instance3
    PROP: tabCapture : _level0.focusManager.tabCapture

    I've searched anywhere, but still have no hint about what this could refer to...

    Help!! =)


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    Smile Re: _level0.focusManager.tabCapture ... ?

    I also had the same problem.After a long battle with googling, I managed to solve this issue...

    All components implement Focus Manager support; you don't need to write code to invoke the FocusManager class.

    The main problem was that I have used TextInput component and after that i have deleted it as it is of no use for me. And because of this there is focusManager instance (I dont know how...it might be a bug...)

    So workaround for this problem is to just disable or remove focusManager by

    _root.focusManager.enabled = false;

    Hope this will help!!!

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    Re: _level0.focusManager.tabCapture ... ?

    I too had such problems when i developed that application. THe logic is ->
    When the focus is on that unwanted ( non- existent ) movieClip, make the focus manager goto its next item.. That is, keep track of the focus and change it

    Hope it helps

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