Some nokia phones have a "WEB upload" option as an image sending option.

I understand that this uses the atom protocol but I don't really understand the flow.

Can some1 please help, I need to develop a server side to which i can post an image , what exactly do i need to do:

I tried developing a server side script in PHP and another in ruby that both have the same functionality which is saving an input posted file to the server, but apparently that's not it, as i check the server logs even the first line of my script "that was a simple puts or print" was not hit.

I feel there's something totally wrong with my understanding and that it's not the simple script that should handle my request, but i dont understand what's wrong. I even tried adding some atom creation code in my scripts so that the incoming content can be stored as an atom entry but no difference @ all since that's not the problem anyway...

Can any1 please help????