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    MPEG support Nokia 7650

    I understand that the Nokia 7650 has a built-in MPEG-4 player as part of the WAP browser.

    How does this work, can you refer to a MPEG-4 file (stream) in your WML/XHTML page?

    Thanks -- Rich

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    RE: MPEG support Nokia 7650


    Nokia 7650 does not support video streaming (Mpeg 4) in the WAP browser, but couple of companies has made 7650 compatible players.

    Hantro Products announced a software that enables video video capturing, playing and sending in the Nokia 7650.
    For further information, please take a look at this site

    Real Networks has a RealOne Player demo version for mobile devices available on the RN's web site:

    Pete / Forun Nokia Developer Support

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