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    Half-rate codec & AMR Half-rate codec support to Nokia n-series mobile

    Dear Concern,
    Please note that I am an engineer of second largest telecommunication operator of Bangladesh – banglalink (An Orascom telecom subsidiary). Here we found a problem with Nokia N-series mobiles. As we have to give support of huge amount of traffic with very low cost, we use all the five speech codec - half rate codec, AMR half rate codec, EFR, Full rate and AMR full rate. But N-series does not support Basic GSM feature like Half-rate speech codec and AMR Halfrate speech codec. I have tested it in various situations with both Siemens and Huawei BTS. Can you please provide a tested solution to enable Half-rate codec & AMR Half-rate codec support to Nokia n-series mobile? Some websites give some solution like-

    *3370# - Enhanced Full Rate ON

    #3370# - OFF

    *4720# - alternative sound quality codec ON

    But these codes do not work with my Nokia N91 8gb phone set. I want a tested solution of it. Please provide the solution as early as possible because rich and elite class people with interest in new technology use these costly n-series mobiles and they are getting frustrated with it as they see “network busy” with their n-series mobile on busy hour.

    I am a new user and can not start a thread. Please someone help me in this regard. This is a serious problem of nokia.

    Md. Sharifur Rahman
    Optimization Engineer
    Access Network
    Orascom Telecom Bangladesh Ltd.(banglalink)
    Mobile: +8801912311755
    Email: Sharrahman@banglalinkgsm.com

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    Re: Nokia N-Series Complete Model Line-Up


    This is not a developers question. I have moved it to a separate message but it really needs to be addressed in a differnet forum.

    You might try posting this at the product support forum where you can get attention and solutions from other users at


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    Re: Half-rate codec & AMR Half-rate codec support to Nokia n-series mobile

    Recently I have observed that new Nokia N series mobiles are supporting AMR half rate traffic.

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