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    6300 splash screen problem


    My application is working perfect in the S40 emulator and on my nokia 5310. but i tested it on the 6300 and it stopped at my splash screen.

    protected void startApp()
    		// show Splash Screen
    		display.setCurrent(new SplashCanvas());
    		// view time: 3000ms
    		catch(Exception ex){}
    			browser = new MenuBrowser();
    this is my code for the splash screen. i know it is not useful but i don't want to compute something in the background. It's just for a better look. SplashCanvas (inherited from canvas) is an class which loads a image ressource and display it.
    On the 6300 the display is not changed after 3000ms

    best regards

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    Re: 6300 splash screen problem

    I see no problems in code. Maybe problem in SplashCanvas?.. Try to use breakpoints

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    Re: 6300 splash screen problem

    Hi there,

    Try to debug the code.check the image properties means right click then go to properties and check the pixel depth.Try to load the PNG-8 extension images.check the name with a bit accuracy.

    if there is any exception then try to find and caught it.

    You must bt getting the null pointer exception.

    check all these things.
    Thanks with Regards,

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