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    How to change background(skin) for status pane?


    What I want to do is to change a default background of status pane and main area of my app(change background images predefined by active theme).

    Although there are at least 2 different ways to change background for main area, I'm unable to change it for status pane. The logical way would be to override KAknsIIDQsnBgAreaStatus image of active skin:

    MAknsSkinInstance* skin = knsUtils::SkinInstance();
    CAknsItemDef* bgItemDef;
    bgItemDef = AknsUtils::CreateBitmapItemDefL(KAknsIIDQsnBgAreaStatus, KImageFile, EMbmMpcchstatuspanebg);

    This code exits with System error (-6)

    And I read in Skin API manual that this way is probably not supported..

    I don't find a way to override locally any of default skin elements.

    Is it possible some how?

    Is there some different way to alter a background of status pane?

    Thanks for any comments,

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    Re: How to change background(skin) for status pane?

    Skin is a global resource, it cannot be altered locally. A thing you can try is using CCoeControl::SetBackground on the individual controls, however I do not know if it is easy or not, neither if it works or not.

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    Re: How to change background(skin) for status pane?

    Actually the SetLocalItemDefL can be used for setting the local skin. Did only try it couple of years back and could change some parts but status panel did not work on my case. Anyway, you could do searching for old posts you propably would find some examples of its usage.

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