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    Sms stucked in Outbox

    I have got the followin problem to solve.

    When you send a sms when the signal strength is 0 your message will not be sent. It stays in outbox for another 3 minutes and after this time phone is trying to send it again. If it fails it will repeat it 2 times more and after that time your message will be stucked in outbox with status unable to send message (or something like that)
    My question is if it possbile in easy way to get that status from the outgoing message and in easy way resend it.
    I want to know what is actual status of this message because if phone is still trying to send that sms i don t want to force him to start that process again
    In your mobile you can enter outbox and choose from options to resend message. Maybe there is some function which we can use to force sending sms again from outbox.

    I know that i can try to get body and address from that sms, delete it from outbox and call send function but i would like to know if there is any other way.
    To send sms i m using noka smsengine example

    thanks in advance


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    Re: Sms stucked in Outbox

    Have you tried the SMS example which is using MTMs, with it you should be able to get error events as well.

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