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    Symbian Project Training in India


    I want to persue my career in symbian techology as a programmer.
    I have read some books and docs relating to symbian C++ development.Now as it is bit difficult to learn things quickly and being able to participate in prpfessional application development in symbian , I want your suggestion for taking a project training programm in any part of India(or any online course).

    can you give me inforamtion which are the organisation giving such program so that after having that I can take part in professional application developmnt.

    PS; I m sorry if it is not the right place to post the question.

    Thanks n regards,

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    Re: Symbian Project Training in India

    Have you checked the Forum Nokia Certified Training Centers list?
    -- Lucian

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    Re: Symbian Project Training in India


    you can apply to i-Converge in Pune(MH).
    Its the Mobile Computing branch of Softspin Services.
    you can visit www.icnvrge.com
    or write to shravan@softspins.com

    Softspin is the authorized training partner and the only company in India giving accreditations in Symbian ASD and Nokia S60

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