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    Nokia VOIP Wizard

    we have developed a application using the local provisioning API, and it is working all right,

    but we want to develop a wizard like the truephone has, and want to contole the interation level that the applicatin like truephone and Gismo have,

    Anyone Nokia expert can guid me a little , how should I proceed to achive that level of flexiblity and control.

    I only need a direction with some detail, I already I have came to know we need some more APIs from nokia with some special agreement with forum nokia, but if you give me a little more detail that will be help full to me

    thanks in advance
    Sajid Iqbal
    ASD, Accredited S60 Developer

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    Re: Nokia VOIP Wizard

    Could you give a bit more concrete examples of what kind of features you are exactly looking for? Would you like that the end user would be able to give other settings than username and password during the installation? What would those be?

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