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    sign application?

    I'm new to java developpement. I want to do an application that connects to the internet and saves something on the localphone. Each time the operating system asks me if I want to do it.

    Is there a way to sign my application so that it stops asking things?
    The error that I get is something like the application is not recognised as a signed application.


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    Re: sign application?

    In order to get those messages to go away, you will need a code signing certificate from Verisign or Thawte or some other CA that issues such certificates. These can be quite expensive, so don't bother unless you really need to. If you're lucky, some older S60 2nd edition devices allowed self-signing (e.g. Nokia 6600). But if it's a more recent device that's unlikely to be possible. But search the forums if you want more info, there are plenty of signing threads...

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