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    WAP, ASP AND Browswe problems


    I have a problem, i wrote an wml code including ASP.
    I read that i have to include the following line at the top of my wml file: <% Response.ContentType = "text/vnd.wap.wml" %>

    I included this line and it works perfectly on my Ericsson T68, but if i tried it with my Nokia 6210 it doesn't work.

    If i remove the line: <% Response.ContentType = "text/vnd.wap.wml" %> it works, but the browsers (T68 and 9210) ignores the align options in a <p>

    is there somebody who knows this problem?

    Thanks Roman

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    RE: WAP, ASP AND Browswe problems

    Sorry, but you clarify one thing for me? When you removed the content type response header it worked on your 6210?

    Can you post your wml code too? I've found some strange bugs on certain phones and if you're not 100% accurate with your WML then some of them will give you the strangest error messages.


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