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    to: Petteri / Forum Nokia -- upgrade 7650's MIDP 1.0 to MIDP 2.0

    >Nokia doesn't have any plans to offer upgrade from MIDP 1.0 to MIDP >2.0.
    >Petteri / Forum Nokia
    This is really bad, you mean I have to buy a new phone if I wan't to run MIDP 2.0!!!
    Nokia 7650 is a expensive phone....

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    RE: to: Petteri / Forum Nokia -- upgrade 7650's MIDP 1.0 to MIDP 2.0


    This is unfortunately the case. Luckily there is a good after-market for Nokia phones. Here in Finland you can get quite a good price for your old phone when you buy a new phone. The market is bit different here, though, as the operators are not allowed to subsidize the phones (hence, the phone calls are much cheaper and monthly fees are very reasonable). In many countries, where bundling the connection and phone together is a normal practice, the Nokia 7650 doesn't cost EUR/USD 600 as here in Finland, but for example only EUR/USD 150-300 as in UK.

    This is anyway analogous to the PC market. When a new version of Windows (or even some newer games come out) your old PC wouldn't run it properly, but you need to upgrade the system with more memory, a faster processor and better graphics card. This essentially means buying a new box.

    Nokia 7650 might be costly as a phone compared to the EUR/USD 100-200 price range you pay for a basic phone. But if you include the functionality of a digital camera, superb hand-held gaming system (compared to GameBoy Advance), easily progammable PDA with nice colour screen (compared to Pocket PC or Palm or...), fast processor and a conferencing system (ok, this is stretching it a little bit ;-), then the price is quite reasonable, even affordable.

    You can do quite a lot even with MIDP 1.0 judged from mind-bogglingly cool graphical games I've seen that have been ported to or created for it.


    Petteri / Forum Nokia

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