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    GPRS/WAP 101 help please!

    New to all this - need pointers to get on learning curve please. I have a 6310i with an Orange connection in UK. I can get connected using GPRS now (I get the little 'G' on the screen) but for the life of me, I can't see the difference between this and standard GSM WAP? Is there any? (apart from the fact that it seems slightly faster...)

    I was under the impression that once I had established a connection, I would be able to do any IP-based stuff I wanted. Presumably I'd need a java app on the phone if I wanted to 'ping' a network address or 'telnet' into a server? as I have no idea how else I can do it!

    I want to be able to send data through a standard http get. I thought that I could use "open address" and type in "http://myserver.com/submitdetails.asp?Name=Fred&Age=19&FavColour=Blue" and that would run the asp page on my server and update the database. Does the server have to be a wap server or can it be standard IIS? When I try the above, I get "file format invalid" so obviously I'm doing something wrong.

    I also want to be able to get at the unique ID of the phone (ie the number) when doing the above, as I understand a form of NAT exists that stops the phone having a unique IP. Is there some kind of phone variable that I can get at like "http://myserver.com/submitdetails.asp?phone=myphonenumber"?

    Sorry if all this is completely stupid - I've been having a good look around the forum and I can't see the answer so I thought I'd ask.

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    RE: GPRS/WAP 101 help please!


    Same as CSD (or HSCSD), GPRS is used as a bearer in WAP. GPRS has quite many advantages compared to CSD, for example:

    - it enables always-on connection
    - it enables innovative charging models (charging can be something else than time-based as in CSD)
    - it provides better consumption of radio network resources
    - it provides higher bit rates

    For more information about GPRS and comparison of CSD and GPRS, see these two documents at Forum Nokia -> Browsing/WAP -> Documents:

    Introduction to WAP over GPRS
    WAP over GPRS - in action

    Hopefully this was helpful!

    Kind regards,
    Satu/Forum Nokia Developer Support

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