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    onLoadError Problem on N95 with FL 2


    I'm using the MovieClipLoader class to load JPEG's stored on a server) into my application. I've added an onLoadError event handler to my code and as a test i've removed one of my JPEG's from the server. Within Device Central everything works fine and the onLoadError event handler gets fired, but when I test on my Nokia N95, the onLoadError event never seems to get triggered. Instead the phone just seems to wait endlessly for the JPEG to load - which of course it won't.

    Anyone else experienced similar problems or have a workaround? I'm trying to make my application as robust as possible so not being able to catch onLoadError events seems like quite an issue.


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    Re: onLoadError Problem on N95 with FL 2


    Maybe you can use the GetNetworkRequestStatus FSCommand to get staus of the your load operation.

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