i'm developing an application in FL 2.0 and it works fine with Nokia s60 but i'm testing it with Nokia 7390 (s40) and i have some problems:

1- the first time it access internet, shows a message "¿Permitir acceso a Internet?" that in English is like "Do you allow Internet access?" then I accept but the movie doesn't continue playing, I have to push the "Play" button.

2- Then when I am sending/receiving data from my server, appears a message like "Redirecting: Sent data will be redirected to another server. Do you want to continue?" Then I press "Yes" but again I have to press "Play" to continue and the most of the cases i don't get any of the data.

Does anyone know what happen? maybe it's a server issue? Maybe i have to storage the application in some specific folder?

help me please!
thank you,