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    Problem of confirmation

    I am using http connection in my application but the problem is i want to open the connection only once.
    i.e every time i send a request it asks for sending yes or no, which is very annoying.

    How to remove it ?

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    Re: Problem of confirmation

    Sorry by mistake i replied.
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    Re: Problem of confirmation

    You can set in your wireless toolkit in Wireless ToolKit -> Preferences -> Security Permission the MANUFACTURER flag in security domain and in security policy set MSA.

    It never ask you the permission!

    On read devices you can also do by seetings that it will ask only once.

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    Re: Problem of confirmation


    You can set the permissions you want to use and fix up your problems by adding them in the WTK for example or in the nokia series 40 or 60 emulators; In real devices, it´s not possible, you will have to sign your midlet and then you will be able to change the permissions, and I mean, when you have a non-signed application it´s not possible to put permissions in an http-oriented application like follows : Never Ask; when you have signed your application, you can set this configuration, because your application is signed.
    Best regards

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