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    Flash Lite and active connection


    doing some tests, I have not managed to have an answer to a simple question: when FlashLite needs a network connection, and the phone already has an active connection, does it use the active one, or always prompts the user?

    I ask this because, from various tests on different phones (some of them not done directly, so I could not be sure about the results), it seems that different S60 phones have different behaviour.

    Is it possible? Could it be an issue related to developer/release Flash Lite versions differences?


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    Re: Flash Lite and active connection


    This is what i have experienced.

    In FL1.x, the user is asked to AP section for every request application makes.

    From FL2.x, the user is asked for AP selection, and if there's no further internet comminucation in say, 5-10 secs, and application makes request again. The user will be asked again for AP selection.

    The behavior can also depend on developer/oem implementation.

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