Hi ,
i am trying to use sockets in j2me for the first time ,
i have downloaded few samples from nokia and was excited to test them ,
while i was running the samples on the emulator all worked great ,
( client midlet and Echo server )

so i was ready to test the samples on the phone and see how it works , when i was running the samples on the phone it didn't work.

i am using Nokia 6680 , the samples client / server uses port 2000
to communicate , my friend told me it is possible that the cell phone company might block such ports and that i should try with port 80 or port 8080.

when i tried to change the port to 80 / 8080 i got this:
Uncaught exception java/lang/SecurityException: Target port denied to untrusted applications.

as i was searching for google i didnt find any answer , maybe you guys can help me this is really urgent , thank you!