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    Testing Bluetooth Applications

    I was wondering how can one test a Bluetooth application that implements a client and server program.

    If client receives data, and server sends data, how can one test the program in an emulator based enviroment.

    My guess would be that I need at least 2 PC's, one with emulator working as client and one with emulator working as server.
    (both emulators will have Bluetooth enabled from the driver supplied on ForumNokia)

    Does anybody have any ideas of how I can test this on a single PC. Can you have two instances of thesame emulator running at once ?
    Maybe another possibility would be to enable 2 emulators on thesame PC, (example one 3rd edition MR, and another 3rd edition FP1), but how will they manage the shared bluetooth driver then?

    thanks in advance

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    Re: Testing Bluetooth Applications

    If you want to test BT on a single PC, you can experiment with NCF (Nokia Connectivity Framework). However note that NCF is quite an awful tool, even its own step-by-step examples do not work reliably.
    The two PC-s approach, or a single PC, with 2 BT dongles might be easier.

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