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    Question AT+CCFC problem ,tks

    Hello everybody:

    I want to achieve call forwarding usd the AT command -- AT+CCFC , S60 2nd.

    when I send "AT+CCFC=?",it return "+CCFC0-5) ok"
    and "AT+CCFC=0,2" return "+CCFC:0,7 ok"

    but when I send "AT+CCFC=0,3,"13800000000",129",it return ERROR,
    and so does "AT+CCFC=1,3,"13800000000",129"

    It happened on N90,N72,3230,but not on 6260

    need your help.

    thanks a lot~

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    Re: AT+CCFC problem ,tks

    some devices do support AT commands and some do not, but basically you could try playing around with the values to see if you can get it working better, for example try something else than 129, and see if it has any effect.

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